Saturday, 19 May 2012

At Rifled Air Machining we are focused on the accurate air rifle.  
Simply stated we offer a wide variety machining services that take ordinary air guns into extraordinary levels of accuracy and precision.

Our core services are centered around traditional barrel work.

  • Barrels recrowned in customers choice of "Match", "11 deg" or "Stepped"
  • Bore polishing to remove machining marks and accuracy robbing burrs
  • Traditional lead lapping for the ultimate in accuracy
  • Rolled or lapped chokes
  • Throat leades corrected
  • Aftermarket barrels machined to suit your breech or next custom project
We can handle most jobs from custom parts to custom builds. However we do not offer CNC services at this time.

Please Note: 
U.S. based airgunners. Please feel free to stop by, check out the videos and how too's but please refer your business inquiries to  Joe at HPA Sports- formerly "MuzzleMack"